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The ShanKrys Group was founded in 1994 by the multi-talented Parry A. (Brown) Abraham.  With more than five decades of accounting and administrative services experience, she stepped out on faith to start her own venture to automate small businesses.  While quite successful, her passion burned deep in her soul.  In 1998 Parry ‘EbonySatin’ Brown published her first novel.

Parry enjoyed celebrating the arts for many years, planning many stellar events in the process.  In 2015 at the encouragement of family and friends Parties by Parry was born.  In 2016, Parry’s husband, Neville V. Abraham III, joined the ShanKrys Group and brought his years of industrial engineering experience to the organization.  In the midst of the pandemic, when it seems the world stood still, the couple put their heads together and decided to bring extraordinary (recession immune) products to regular, everyday people.  Classy Sexy Sassy Bling (incredible $5 accessories) and Abundance Accessories (their own brand of designer sunglasses) came to fruition.  As a million mile traveler, becoming a travel advisor was as natural as breathing.  Travel with CSS , a part of InteleTravel, is full service agency specializing in business, romantic, girls/guys trip and adventurous travel.


Admin & Accounting

Classy Sexy Sassy

Extraordinary Designer Accessories
for Ordinary People!
Classy by Day...Sexy by Night
Sassy Because it Always Feels Right!
Corporate Level Administration
at Small Business Prices

Parties By Parry

Extraordinary Events
for Ordinary People
Parry 'EbonySatin' Brown
Extraordinary Literature
from National #1 Best-Selling Author

Travel With CSS

Extraordinary Adventures
for Ordinary People


420 N. McKinley Street

Suite 111-232

Corona CA 92879


Tel: 310-594-1138

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